A Butterfly Effect from the SOPA/PIPA Reactions

The protests to the SOPA and PIPA bills haven’t just made U.S. lawmakers rethink their approach to online intellectual property protection.  Divisions about how to combat online piracy have resurfaced in the European Union due to the strong reaction to the U.S. bills.

According to a recent BNA article by Joe Kirwin, the Digital Agenda Commissioner and the Internal Market Commissioner of the E.U. have voiced their opinions yet again.  Neelie Kroes, the Digital Agenda Commissioner, is quoted as saying “[s]peeding is illegal too but you do not put speed bumps on the motorway.” Kroes feels that the laws are an overreaction to online piracy problems.  On the other hand, Michel Barnier, the Internal Market Commissioner, feels theft cannot be tolerated no matter what.

This division resurfacing timing is important because the E.U. Commission is set to propose legislative revisions to online piracy protections. So keep in mind that every action has a reaction and as end users we have the power to make significant changes.

-Wallace Rejrat


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