Pittsburgh’s Rap Anthem “Black and Yellow” Stolen?

Rap Star, Wiz Khalifa is being sued for making the hit record, “Black and Yellow.” Pennsylvania rapper, Max Gregory Warren, also know as “Maxamillion” claims that the Khalifa copied his song “Pink N’ Yellow.”

After listening to Warren’s song “Pink N’ Yellow,” his lawsuit against eleven music companies and two producer for conspiracy to steal his song seems ridiculous. The songs could not be more different. The only lingering similarity is the title of each song (“Black and Yellow” and “Pink N’ Yellow) and even the titles come with obvious differences.

With the success of “Black and Yellow” it is no surprise that Warren is seeking damages of over $1 million for Khalifa “falsely” calling himself the copyright holder to “Black and Yellow.”

– Arrielle Millstein

Clink on these song titles to hear the difference between “Black and Yellow” and “Pink N’ Yellow” for yourself.

Read Warren’s full complaint against Wiz Khalifa here. 

3 Responses to “Pittsburgh’s Rap Anthem “Black and Yellow” Stolen?”
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  2. Marcus says:

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