Introducing “b.FUNK”

b.FUNK are up incomers in the music industry. I’ve known the one of the emcees, B.Cole since college and his passion for Hip Hop has grown and evolved over the years. B.Cole started out as a solo emcee and is now part of the the band, b.FUNK. The band’s music is truly unique, combining  311 and Sublime beats with The Roots and Ice Cube’s lyrical style. “b.FUNK takes the beloved style of a funk band and a raw emcee to create an electrifying performance.” – b.Funk website

b.FUNK represents New Jersey and a movement for real hip hop. Opening for Slick Rick, Sean Kingston, Ice Cube, E.P.M.D, and this month will open for Phife Dawg of “A Tribe Called Quest.”  They’ve also performed with Funk Master Flex, Eddie Griffin, and DJ Drew Ski.

b.FUNK is a band to watch out for. They will be our generations “The Roots” and with what the scene of Hip Hop has looked like over the years, this is a band WE NEED!

– Arrielle Millstein

Check out their latest funk infused song, “Check Yo Mind” below and download it here.

Want more b.FUNK? Access the band at the links below!

b.FUNK’s official website

b.FUNK on Facebook

Their music on SoundCloud

Their original sponsor BuckMarleyXXX

West Coast sponsor


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