UPDATE: Michael Jordan Now Sues Company in China

Michael Jordan is now bringing suit against a Chinese company, Qiaodan Sports, for the improper use of his name and number without his permission.  The company’s name is Michael Jordan’s chinese equivalent in that language, which is “Qiaodan”.  The company asserts that is has a valid, registered copyright and trademark in this particular word in China; Michael Jordan’s rights US rights do not extend to his name and image in Chinese form.  Jordan asserts that this suit is not a about the money but rather the principle; there should be no improper uses of his name, or others for that matter. 

This case highlights a rapidly growing concern for both celebrities and athletes who have both a national and international personality.  Even I-pod has recently challenged a Chinese use of its product the I-pad.  It will be interesting to how US Courts, Chinese Courts, and other interational courts decide to attack this issue in the world of today.  At the click of a button, an image can now be disseminated throughout the entire world.  Growing NBA star, Jeremy Lin, an asian himself, has recently encountered a similar problem himself when a Chinese Company recently registered a trademark to his Chinese equivalent.

Check out the article, click here.

-Justin Heisler


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