“Hollywood Forgotten” or “Hollywood Treasure?”

Erik Andersen claims that in early 2009 he came up with the concept for a “docu-series” called “Hollywood Forgotten” and registered it with the Writers Guild of America. According to the complaint, the show would feature “a host searching for lost or forgotten props, costumes, sets, actors, etc. from Hollywood’s forgotten past.”

Andersen then went on to shoot four episodes and created trailers for three of the four episodes. Prior to posting the show online, Andersen claims he went to a Calabasas auction house owned by the defendant, Joe Maddalena, pitching the show and the episodes already produced.

In June of 2010, Variety magazine reported that the SyFy channel was going to air a “new unscripted series” that highlights Joe Maddalena and his team looking around the world for “rare and highly-collectible Hollywood memorabilia.”

Anderson brings this action seeking $2 million in damages for breach of implied contract, slander of title and violations of the state business and professions code based on the fact Maddalena used his ideas to develop the show involving the same subject matter in which Andersen did not receive any credit or compensation.

Click here for the full article.

-Ami Patel


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