“Girls, Girls, Girls” Brings Kanye West Another Lawsuit

Kanye West is well known in the music industry for continuously sampling beats. His sampling techniques are artistically phenomenal, but sometimes phenomenally illegal.

Robert Poindexter, singer of the 1972 hit, “Trying Girls Out” is suing West for sampling the song, in a mixtape remix of Jay-Z’s 2001 hit “Girl, Girls, Girls.” Poindexter initiated the lawsuit in the United States District Court in Sourthern New York on March 27, 2012. He is claiming $500,000 in damages.

Poindexter has a great argument against West, claiming that West “would have known” the track sample was not cleared by Poindexter for the mixtape because he did clear the sample when West used it in production for the original “Girls, Girls, Girls” record. The mixtape was released in 2006, but Poindexter did not know that West re-sampled his record, “Trying Girls Out” until this 2011, when he discovered the remix when searching the Internet.

Poindexter’s claim for copyright infringement may be invalid because the mixtape was never commerically released and generally, mixtapes are not usually released  for profit.

Click here to read the full Rolling Stone article.

Listen to “Trying Girls Out” Below:

Listen to “Girl, Girls, Girls (Remix):


– Arrielle Millstein

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