Justin Heisler

Justin Heisler is currently in his second year at Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and expected to graduate in May of 2013.  His current interest is entertainment law, more specifically in the fields of labor and sports law.  He is relatively new to the virtual realm of the legal practice and works hard to expand his legal abilities in this most crucial aspect of practice.

Mr. Heisler was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania.  He attended York College of Pennsylvania on an academic scholarship; he graduated with a degree in Professional Writing and a minor in Political Science.  Before his senior year in college, Mr. Heisler interned at the Law Offices of Craig Diehl, located in Camp Hill, PA, which specializes in the fields of tax, bankruptcy, real estate and estate law.  He has also interned with former Pennsylvania State Representative Beverly Mackereth, which spurred his growing interest in politics.

In the future, Mr. Heisler plans on living and working in either York or Harrisburg because he has always kept his family high on his list of priorities.  He is interested in a future career in politics but is open to a wide range of employment opportunities to start his legal career.  Politics is more of an end game for Mr. Heisler, and he intends to use a successful legal career to catapult him into the world of politics.

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